Apex Baits Spod & PVA Bag Pellet Mix


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Apex Baits Spod & PVA Bag Pellet Mix is one of our biggest-selling pellet mixes. In this mix, there are 2 different types of pellet, High Oil carp and Halibut pellet in three different sizes, 2mm, 3mm & 4mm. The different size of pellets give you a varied breakdown time, so this mix is constantly working, pumping different aromas around the baited area and into the water columns. The two pellet types will slowly break down, so there’s always a fresh attraction in the water. This pellet mix is ideal for use with PVA Bags or PVA Mesh, or even spoding out to create a carpet of bait.

In the mix are 4 different sizes of the highest quality pellet that a lot of the named brands use in the fishing world:

  • 2mm Carp Pellet
  • 2mm Halibut Pellet
  • 3mm Carp Pellet
  • 4mm Carp Pellet

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