On the market today there’s a host of bait accessories from throwing sticks, Catapults, Buckets, Scoops, even dissolving foam nuggets that you can wrap around your hook to prevent tangles on the cast.

When I first started there was just the good old catapult, which left me with very sore knuckles. Then the throwing stick came out which was made using aluminium but after a few minutes with this it was like you’ve had a workout down the gym. It’s massively moved on now and some throwing sticks are being made out of carbon and you wouldn’t know you were using it.

Throwing sticks are used for putting boilies out at short or long distance and they come in different lengths and sizes. Standard sizes are 16, 18 or 20mm but they can go upto 26mm but these are mainly for those euro trips where the carp are a lot larger. You also get different lengths of throwing stick. Short ones around 50 cms long for close in work, up to around 40 / 50 yards. Then the longer more standard type for baiting up at longer distances, up to around 120 yards depending on how large, heavy and hard your boilie is.

A great tip when using a throwing stick is if your bait starts splitting in the air, dip the open end of the stick in the water, then lifting it back out allowing some water to run down the stick. Flick the excess water out, the the water that’s left if will help like a lubricant.
Catapults come with heavy or light elastic and with pouches for boilies, pellets/particles and ground/method mixes. Catapults are ideal for short and accurate work but don’t expect them to get the bait out at long distance because that ends up breaking them.

Bait Buckets come in 5L, 10L and 17 litres, round or square, green or with a camo pattern. Some bait buckets are now being produced with one or two removable storage compartments, so you can put baiting needles, tools, hooks, catty’s and all other stuff in them, so if your just going for a quick session you don’t have to take a big tackle bag with you.

Bait Scoops are handy things to have when mixing your bait up in a bucket. They come into their own when you are trying to put some pellet or particle on the spot in the margin or out of a boat. They can also be used to create a great spread of bait by filling up the scoop and swinging it out in an arch, spreading the bait about. You can also attach a longer handle of around 4ft to some scoops, so you can throw more bait out further and quicker but this is only good for up to around 50 yards depending on bait.