Apex Baits Hemp & Cut Corn


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Apex Baits High-Quality hemp and Cut Corn is cooked fresh in our bait factory. The oil in the hemp is perfect for signalling to the fish that there’s a food source in the area. The Cut Corn give a brilliant visual effect that carp have to go down to explore and keeps them grubbing around on your baited spot. Also as the cut corn sits there, it slowly releases its milky sugars and starches. Hemp and Cut Corn is perfect for, Spoding, mixing in with ground baits, using in Bait Boat mixes or just as it is. Since using Hemp seed and Cut Corn it has made a huge differance and I like to add a small amount of Apex Hemp Oil just to give it that extra edge.

Please Note; There is no added preservatives or artificial ingredients added into our mixes just pure hemp, so it isn’t shelf life and will come frozen

Delivery Note: No frozen bait will be sent out on a Friday because its on a next working day delivery, you wont receive it until the Monday and it will have defrosted by then.

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