Apex Baits Hemp Seed & Tigernut Slush


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Apex Baits Hemp & Tigernut Slush is cooked fresh by us. Here at Apex Baits we pride ourselves on preparing top quality cooked hemp seed and mixing it with finely ground Tigernuts to make our Hemp & Tigernut Slush. We also constantly monitor the quality of our mixes whilst cooking so you always get the best. Once we’ve cooked and packed it, it goes straight into the freezers so it can be frozen straight away so it arrives to you fresh, instead of making a huge batch and leaving it sat around going past its best.

The Hemp & Tigernut Slush is perfect for for spodding or spombing out over zigs as it creates a wonderful cloud or you can just used  as a spod mix. It also make a great Bait Boat mix and you can add your own ingrediants to it. Once in the water the hemp seeds and fine tigernut particles, flutter down through the water layer enticing the carp or other fish down to feed.  There’s nothing like Hemp seed to help bring carp down to the deck and they love tiger nuts, so it will get the sifting around in your swim as they try and find the small pieces which will result in a bite.

Please Note; There is no added preservatives or artificial ingredients added into our mixes just pure hemp, so it isn’t shelf life and will come frozen

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