Norton Disney Hemp, Cut Corn & Flaked Maize Mix


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The Hemp, Cut corn and Flaked Maize has been a game changer in my fishing when fishing all manner of waters when using as a spod or Zig mix or even when using a Bait Boat. There’s nothing like Hemp seed to help bring carp down to the deck and get them grubbing around to stimulate a bite. Also, the crushed corn offers a fantastic visual for the carp to home in on but due to it being smaller pieces of corn, it keeps them grubbing arround longer maximising the chance for them to find your hook bait. The Flaked Maize creates an amazing cloud in the water dragging fish down through the water columns to your hookbait

Deal One, 5kg Cooked Hemp & Cut Corn + 3kg Flaked Maize

Deal Two, 10kg Cooked Hemp & Cut Corn + 6kg Flaked Maize

To prepare the flaked maize simply place the flaked maize into a water-tight container like a bucket add water just covering it and allow it to soak into the bait. Leave it till it’s turned into like a porridge-type of mix. You can add more water if needed.

Please Note We have used Cut Corn and not sweet corn due to costs but its very similar 

Please Note; There is no added preservatives or artificial ingredients added into our mixes just pure hemp, so it isn’t shelf life and will come frozen

Delivery Note: No frozen bait will be sent out on a Friday because its on a next working day delivery, you wont receive it until the Monday and it will have defrosted by then.

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Deal One, Deal Two

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