SMC+ 15mm Frozen Boilies


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SMC+ Freezer Baits are New for 2022 due to the success of the SMC+ shelf life range and people asking for it in a freezer bait at the same great price

SMC+ is a highly digestible fishy bait with an all-time classic flavour of Squid with Monster Crab making this one bait that you can sit confidently behind knowing it will catch fish. It is made using a nutritionally balanced base mix that will release attractors fast into the water columns attracting fish. The base mix is made up of a blend of micronised cereals and fish meals also incorporated into it are several very popular ingredients that all the top bait companies use. Added to the base mix are some secret enhancers which help to give this bait a significant edge even on the hardest of waters. These ingredients are mixed together with the best taste enhancers and sweeteners to help make this bait taste great to the carp.

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