Apex Baits High Quality Bloodworm Pellets 3mm & 5mm



Apex Baits High Quality Bloodworm Pellets are a softer type of pellet with a quicker breakdown time to carp and halibut pellets. These pellets are also easy to be ground up to make them finer to add to stick and method mixes. A perfect way to to get them out to your spot is to and them to your spod mix or spod them out on their own. Because they break down so quickly, the make a lovely bed of mush on the bottom that carp find irresistible to sift through. Another great way to use these pellets is in PVA Bag or PVA Mesh kits

All pellet comes in a bag , the different sizes off pellet are 3mm & 5mm.

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3mm, 5mm


1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg

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